Saturday, October 20, 2007

Video: Elliott Smith - Between The Bars

As part of a short three song documentary/montage called Lucky Three filmed in 1996, Elliott Smith played an especially intimate version of Between The Bars (as if it could get much more intimate). I'm sure this video is realatively well known by the Elliott Smith faithful. But at the risk of retreading already well-worn steps, here it is again. It's a beautifull performance. This video is concrete evidence supporting my belief that greatness requires but three ingredients: a dude, a guitar, and a microphone.

I'll never get tired of the imagery evoked when he sings: "Drink up baby, look at the stars/I'll kiss you again between the bars/where i'm seeing you there with your hands in the air/waiting to finally be caught." Chills, I tell you! Chills!

You can find the entire film here.

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