Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sunset Rubdown - Random Spirit Lover

At this point, if you told me that Spencer Krug was out fighting crime, I wouldn't be surprised. I mean, I don't know how he has the time and motivation to take on the projects that he does, so nothing would shock me.

That is precisely why I wasn't shocked that I enjoyed his latest offering, coming from his "solo" project. Perhaps I should be shocked though. The more I think about it, the harder a time I have coming up with names of people who are putting out music that keeps me interested on a consistent basis.

Upon first listen, this is another solid release that seems like it might fit in with the Swan Lake release, or perhaps the last Sunset Rubdown offering. I think that might be another unfair reaction, and one that is all too easy to have. Take the track Magic vs. Midas which starts with Krug soft and contemplative. All the while you know that something else has to be coming. It finally grows to include his signature warble over a more driving arrangement, only before softening again. This track single handedly shows you that Krug is certainly capable of, if not deft at, creating a wonderfully complex melody.

Just because this incarnation allows him to allow his wandering and amelodic urges, doesn't mean that it is singly devoid of melody. He embraces the more abstract in order to transform something you swore you've heard before into something completely new and interesting.

If nothing else Krug can grow one fantastic moo-stache.

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