Thursday, September 20, 2007

MIA - Kala

I know that British grime isn't for everyone. In fact it's probably for very few. The problem is, this MIA record doesn't play like her more grimey Arular. This new record is like a trip through Sri Lanka (her father's homeland if you aren't in the know), but on that trip you are fervently dancing and partying.

MIA seems confident and married to the music that she's putting out this time. The second track, Bird Flu, hits you with a barrage of organic drums and child like screams that make you think she's descending upon you backed by some far off warrior tribe, that likes dance music. The following track, Boyz, is like a micorcosm of the entire record. With it's constant horn stabs and helium vocal shouts, you are thrown into that party atmosphere whether you like it or not, though you probably will.

This time through, MIA succeeds at everything she attempts. To make a Radiohead comparison, if Arular was her Bends, Kala is her OK Computer. It is an album that builds on the last and realizes all of the potential and half cooked ideas that were started the last time through. Hopefully she makes good on my Radiohead comparison and continues this pattern of growth and experimentation.

The bottom line is, if you need to dance, and we all do sometimes, pick up this record.

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