Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gravenhurst - Trust

My head feels heavy and thick like a can of condensed soup. Sleep deprivation has finally taken its evil tole. Admittedly, this happens to me a lot and when it does I find it near impossible to listen to music for more than a few seconds before shutting it off. These are the days when I end up listening to NPR very quietly on the drive home. Today was different though. Today I discovered Gravenhurst. More specifically, today I discovered their song "Trust."

The band's third album, The Western Lands, was recently released by Warp Records, a label typically known for its blippy and bleepy electronica. The Western Lands, however, is pure hazy pop. The band creates a beautiful mess that mixes the fragility of 60's folk-pop with shoegaze atmospherics. Check out the excellent video for "Trust" below.

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