Sunday, December 9, 2007

Daedelus - Was Waiting

Experimental beats typically manage to accomplish only one thing on a consistent basis: bother the fuck out of me. To be clear, I am a fan of almost anything experimental. But when it comes to rhythm sections, there is a fine line between experimentation and pissing around.

Daedelus has, perhaps out of sheer dumb luck, found that line on Was Waiting from Of Snowdonia, and manages to skirt it magnificently. The song’s wonderfully crafted synth melodies provide the basic structure through which the snare drum bounces around in a slippery fashion always able to avoid prediction; just when you’re sure it’s going to pop, it snaps, or vanishes completely.

But perhaps more remarkable is that all this foolishness takes place behind a deceptively catchy pop tune. It is as if the rhythm section is waging a distant war, while the song carries on unaffected by the turmoil.


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I am Mig said...

I agree with you. There's experimental and "experimental" (whatever experimental means, of course). But when it comes to this type of experimental, with "uneven" rhythms and tunes that don’t match, not even in the slightest "indiesphere" you put it, it really makes you wonder how the hell I managed to listen to this.

In the end, it’s a love hate relationship; but in time, you love it more than you hate it. Very nice analysis by the way.

PS. I stumbled upon Daedelus when I heard this song:
Daedelus - Fair Weather Friends