Friday, November 2, 2007

Covers: Grizzly Bear - Knife

First, a bit of a preface; I would like to make this a regular entry, as I find it interesting when bands cover their contemporaries, as opposed to giving a new spin on old favorites. I have a few in mind, but suggestions are always welcome.

One of the best songs in the past five years is receiving its due by being covered, seemingly, incessantly. A few of the culprits being CSS, Born Ruffians, Girl Talk (Sort of), and Beirut.

The CSS and Born Ruffians covers of Knife are solid efforts, which leave the original feel and arrangment essentially intact; of course they sound a bit different, as you neither band is what I'd call comparable to Grizzly Bear. The Girl Talk cover, and I use the word cover loosely in this case, takes Knife and welds it together with Clipse single 'Wamp, Wamp', and the beginning percussion from 'Shout' by Tears for Fears. Anything involving Clipse is a winner in my book, so I fully endorse the Girl Talk version.

Check out this surreal and amazing picture courtesy of Broolyn Vegan:

Yes, Clipse + Girl Talk + Dan Deacon + Grizzly Bear = Awesome

Sorry, back to the entry...the Beirut version is also a bit less than a true fleshed out cover, but it is worth viewing and ejoying (courtesy of LaBlogtheque):

Check 'em out:
Girl Talk - Knife (Remix)
CSS - Knife
Born Ruffians - Knife

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