Monday, November 5, 2007

Battles - Tonto

A couple of months ago Sam and I discovered Battles and their video for first single 'Atlas.' After watching that, we realized that we had to find out more. First there was the groove heavy, almost jam-like quality to the music. I would've written if off as jam rock for indie kids if there wasn't so much to their music. WIth a gabillion (yeah I made up that numberm so?) layers of sounds, and the oddest voice modulation I've heard in quite some time, I thought I'd realized why I liked it so much...then we saw the drummer's crash cymbal set up about eight feet tall. Yep, you heard right.

We then spent the next half hour or so trying to re-create it on Sam's drum set only to realize that it is invoncenient and unstable.

What's my point you are probably wondering. Well, it's simply that Battles is kind of out there at first, but even with all that doesn't make sense about them, there's too much to get interested in. That is most evident in the video for 'Tonto', which turns out to be one of those songs that you can't listen to without thinking of the video; thanks to the talents of proclaimed light artists UVA (United Visual Artists).

I hereby implore you to get this video stuck in your head:

Battles - Tonto

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