Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wu Tang Clan - The Heart Gently Weeps

December 4th, 11th, or 17th can't come soon enough. One of those dates will be the release date for the new Wu album...hopefully. I've given up trying to keep track of it anymore.

On the bright side, thanks to Loud.com and the good folks at Pitchfork, we have access to a new track from the upcoming 8 Diagrams LP.

I think from the title, you can probably gather where I'm going with this. No, it is not another Danger Mouse style mashup; this time it's for real, well sort of. It is actually an interpolation of the famous Beatles song, with George Harrison's son, Dhani, and John Frusciante (yes of Red Hot Chili Peppers) playing the guitar parts on the song.

Now for the less snobby version of what I just said. The song has most of the notable Wu members rapping and "singing" their own lyrics over top of While my Guitar Gently Weeps. For me the pinnacle is when Ghostface replaces Harrison's line "I don't know why, nobody told you..." with "This bitch is crazy, she brought her baby..."

From all accounts, 8 Diagrams is a return to form for the Wu, and this single shows why everyone is so hyped.

Check it out (ignore the few whispers of "loud.com"):
The Heart Gently Weeps

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