Friday, October 5, 2007

Shocking Pinks - Shocking Pinks

In New Zealand the human population is outnumbered by sheep. As I chew this sentence over, I can't help but think of all of the great indie pop that has been produced by the residents of "middle earth." Specifically, Flying Nun records has gifted the world with classic records by the Bats, the Chills, and the Clean (all personal favs). I guess isolation lends itself well to heart on sleeve jangle.

After stints in various NZ bands (including playing the drums for the Brunettes), Nick Harte began writing and recording his own material. Inspired by the 1986 John Hughes dramedy Pretty In Pink, Harte named the project the Shocking Pinks. Taking the influences of the classic Flying Nun artists and merging them with the experimental aesthetic of My Bloody Valentine, Shocking Pinks are a welcome addition to the kiwi indie pop canon.

In 2005 Harte released two albums for Flying Nun, Mathematical Warfare and Infinity Land, which he wrote and recorded by himself. Full of shambolic guitars, walls of reverb, sleepy melodies and electronic flourishes, Shocking Pinks, cherry picks the best of these two releases.

Video: Shocking Pinks - End of the World

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