Thursday, September 13, 2007

Iron & Wine - Shepherd's Dog

A new album by Sam Beam's musical moniker, Iron & Wine, comes with a number of expectations. He is from the south. He plays gently finger picked acoustic guitar. He sings in a near whisper. He has a beard.

Despite these somewhat limiting parameters, each new release has seen Iron & Wine's sound expand to include new dimensions. Shepherd's Dog, out September 25th on Sub Pop, marks the largest departure from the aforementioned expectations yet. Beam's songs still evoke a strong sense of cinematic imagery, but a new rhythmic denseness lays atop his looping acoustic guitar lines. Shepherd's Dog can be seen as the natural progression from 2005's Woman King EP and his collaboration with Calexico, In the Reigns. The result is a looser sound that seems more influenced by Ali Farka Toure than Nick Drake.

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